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Expert Insight. Unbiased Perspective.

Experienced trial attorneys and sophisticated clients know that an expert witness can make, or break, a case. We believe that an experienced expert witness who is knowledgeable, credible, articulate and persuasive can be highly instrumental in the outcome of the case.

Barrington Financial Consulting Group provides litigation support services  that offer clarity, industry expertise and testimony for financial disputes. We offer consulting services for law firms, federal and state regulatory agencies, and public defenders in matters involving securities and insurance. 

We advise counsel on both civil and criminal matters and assist with comprehensive investigations. Our services help to prepare our clients for matters concerning the SEC, FINRA, National Futures Association, the DOJ, and State Securities & Insurance Regulators.  


Our Services

Organizations are faced with an ever increasing amount of litigation and complex business disputes. To prevail in this environment, it requires skill and ability supported by dispute consulting experts providing meaningful analysis and insight. Our consultants get to the heart of the matter to uncover the substantive facts of each case. 


Our Securities & Insurance Consultants Uncover Substantive Facts Through:

  • In-depth financial knowledge and experience

  • Analyzing accounting and other records, compiling and managing databases, and retrieving and preserving electronic evidence to support civil and criminal trials

  • Quantifying damages via rigorous analytical examinations of liability, and damage issues, valuations of equities, futures, commodities, debt instruments, and options

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the case

  • Communicating facts succinctly and accurately

All investigations are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, as well as Local, State, and Federal privacy laws.

Office Building

Mr. Carroll has over 25 years of experience in the areas of broker-dealer compliance obligations, investment banking, capital raising strategies, mergers and acquisitions.

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Alan Besnoff - Financial Advisor Expert

Mr. Besnoff's experience spans over 30 years with expertise concerning investment advisers, supervision, financial planning, fiduciary duty and broker-dealer suitability. 

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Stuart Rosenthal - Financial Damages Expert Witness.PNG

Mr. Rosenthal possesses expertise related to damages, portfolio analysis, investment performance, quantitative techniques, risk analysis, and hypothetical studies. 

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Mr. Loveland is a nationally recognized author, attorney, consultant and teacher within the fields of investments and securities, and fiduciary matters. 

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Mr. Auslander is a testifying Expert with over two decades of experience in the valuation of corporate bonds and assessing risk management for credit, margin, operations, and liquidity. 

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Our Experts


With nearly 40 years of industry experience, Mr. Lawson specializes in the FINRA Arbitration process and serves as a FINRA Chair, Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant.

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Kerry Campbell - Standard of Care Expert

With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Cambell possesses special expertise in due diligence, risk analysis, portfolio management, and the CFP® Standard of Care. 

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Vic Hartman | Financial Fraud Expert Witness

Mr. Harman has over 30 years of experience, 25 of which were served with the FBI. He specializes in matters involving financial fraud, internal investigations & forensic accounting. 

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Paul Carlson Options Expert Witness

Mr. Carlson has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry with special expertise in stock options, futures contracts, order execution, and market data systems.

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Barclay T_edited.jpg

Barclay Leib, CFE, CAIA is an accomplished expert witness for a variety of investments including hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, alternative direct lending. 

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James Garber - 401k Expert Witness

Mr. Garber has over 30 years of experience with 401(k) plans, investment management, fiduciary duty & financial planning as an IAR and Registered Representative. 

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Gontran de Quillacq -- Options Expert Wi

As an expert in volatility securities, options, statistical arbitrage, quantitative finance, and derivatives & swaps trading, Mr. de Quillacq yields over 20 years of experience.

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William O'Connor - FINRA & SEC Compliance Consultant.jpg

Mr. O’Connor provides expert advice, consulting, and testimony for FINRA & SEC compliance matters involving Broker-Dealers and RIAs.

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Martin Dirks - Hedge Fund Expert Witness

Mr. Dirks has over 30 years of experience with special expertise in the areas of investment management, corporate accounting fraud, and hedge fund damage calculations.

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With over 37 years of experience, Mr. Kronvall's expertise includes private banking, lending risk management, loan portfolios, fraud investigation, audits, and banking supervision. 

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srice 29045_color.jpg

As an economic sanctions/financial crime adviser with extensive public and private sector experience Ms. Rice specializes in financial crimes and compliance consulting.

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Forensic Accounting Expert Witness.jpg

Mr. Mumford, a CPA and CFE, has practiced as a forensic accountant for 33 years; investigating and clarifying the facts of complex financial allegations and disputes.

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  •  FINRA & SEC Rules & Regulations

  •  Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  •  ​FINRA Arbitration

  •  Stocks, Bonds, & Options

  •  Disclosures & Misrepresentations

  •  Omission of Facts / Rule 10b-5

  •  Financial Institution Negligence

  •  Investor Suitability

  •  Compliance Violations

  •  Broker & Investment Adviser Disputes

  •  Securities Fraud

  •  Concentration of Investments

  •  Private Placements / Reg D

  •  Promissory Notes

  •  Failure to Supervise

  •  Selling Away

  •  Leveraged & Inverse ETFs

  •  Annuities & Life Insurance

Expert Testimony & Consulting for Cases Involving:

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For general inquiries or complimentary case analysis, please use our contact form:

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