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Stuart Rosenthal - Financial Damages Expert Witness

Stuart Rosenthal

Stuart Rosenthal's broad industry expertise includes data analytics and visualization as embodied by litigation technology he created to help simplify complex matters. He serves as a multi-faceted consulting and testifying expert for disputes involving securities, derivatives, investment funds, separate accounts, active trading, margin liquidations, short selling and complex data.

Drawing from his 20+ years of experience as a portfolio manager, trader and analyst, Mr. Rosenthal possesses diverse expertise and skills related to damages, portfolio analysis, investment performance, quantitative techniques, risk analysis, hypothetical studies, data analysis and programming.


Mr. Rosenthal simplifies case complexity to elicit insights and convey expert opinions. Evidence Replay is a time lapse visualization of data-driven evidence, used to replay events and stipulate facts through short form video. It is derived from synthesized data, sourced from discovery documents, data vendors, etc., and is automatically generated into dynamic, synchronized exhibits. Applications of Evidence Replay include case assessment, damages analysis, account valuation, trading activity, liquidity analysis, hypothetical studies, audio recordings and email productions. Evidence Replay has been used during mediations to advance settlement discussions, for testimony as demonstrative evidence, and to help triers of facts uncover the truth.


Mr. Rosenthal previously worked as an options trader and protégé of Harry Markopolos, a former securities industry executive who uncovered early evidence of the financial fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff. In his book about Madoff, No One Would Listen, Harry described Mr. Rosenthal as “a super-smart guy” who sat across the trading desk from him.


Prior to entering the investment industry, Mr. Rosenthal served as an Officer in the United States Air Force, as project manager and scientific analyst, engaged in research and development projects encompassing electronics, communications, intelligence, computer modeling and simulation technology. 


Mr. Rosenthal holds an M.S. in Operations Research from Northeastern University, and a B.S. in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Stuart Rosenthal is retained as a
Consultant & Expert Witness for the following:
  • Damages - Out of Pocket, Market-Adjusted, Rescission
  • Complex Trading - Leverage, Margin, Short-Selling
  • Trade Execution - Quality, Costs, Liquidity
  • Registered Funds - Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Closed-End Funds
  • Separately Managed Accounts - Model Portfolios, Direct Indexing
  • Derivatives - Listed Options, OTC Options, VIX, Commodities
  • Margin Liquidations - Recreation, Valuation, Assessment
  • Performance - Measurement, Attribution
  • Portfolio Analysis - Multi-Asset, Concentrations, Risks, Benchmark Analysis
  • Risk Analysis - Exposures, Statistics, Greeks
  • Data Analytics - Exploratory, Visualizations, Account Replays
  • Automated Data Harvesting - OCR, File Parsing, Extraction, Email De-duplication
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