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Banking Expert Witness

Banking Expert Witness

Eric Kronvall Bank Expert Witness

Eric Kronvall

With over 37 years of experience in the financial services profession, Mr. Kronvall has a background which includes various positions in regional bank management, wealth management, audit and risk management, business consultancy, and entrepreneurialism. 

As a region manager of a Fortune 100 firm, his leadership scope included risk management, human resources, public relations, leadership, and management; functional areas of oversight including consumer and business loan portfolios, insurance and investment partners, and various other business lines of production.


As a wealth advisor he managed a credit and investment portfolio of over 2 billion in assets; revenues generated by these relationships was over 2 million dollars of annual revenue. He has worked with regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and international cross border issues. Mr. Kronvall has extensive asset and trust administrative experience.  He holds a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor designation from the American Bankers Association.


Additionally Mr. Kronvall has extensive experience in fraud investigation and financial crime cases, which includes concomitant deposition and court testimony.  He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 


As an entrepreneur he has created several consulting companies which serve individuals, professionals and businesses.  Mr. Kronvall is the treasurer of the Kauai Planning Action Alliance, member of the Montana Cattlemen's Association, and is developing a permaculture farm on the island of Kauai.  He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Wealth Innovation, a Registered Investment Advisory firm


His personal compliance, legal, and credit worthiness are impeccable.  Mr. Kronvall is an accomplished public speaker which includes several years of competitive speech and debate. 


He is an experienced expert and material witness in both civil and criminal cases.

Eric Kronvall is retained as a
Consultant & Expert Witness for the following:
  • Private Banking

  • Commercial & Business Lending

  • Risk Management and Controls

  • Consumer & Business Loan Portfolios

  • Trusts and Estates

  • Asset Management
  • Fraud Investigation

  • Financial Crimes

  • Audits & Controls

  • Supervision

  • Standard of Care

  • Human Resources

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For general inquiries or a complimentary case analysis by Mr. Kronvall, please use our contact form:

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