• Barrington Financial Consulting Group, Inc.

Bob Lawson Recently Elected as Vice-Chair of MRFC®

Barrington Financial Consulting Group's President, Bob Lawson, was recently elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of the Master Registered Financial Consultants (MRFC®), a division of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, (IARFC®). Bob was formerly the Secretary of MRFC® and has been an active member of IARFC® since 1997. He explains the MRFC® Board "has been tasked with developing and maintaining one of the most important programs established by the IARFC®." Independent from the Association and the IARFC® Board of Directors, they form an integral group that is working on the MRFC® Certification Program. Bob adds, "In the current environment of promoting ethical financial consultants, [he], and the Board work diligently to elevate designations to an elite level." The Board meets regularly and plans strategy to meet the requirements of the third-party certifying agency which means a constant review of policies, procedures, and examination material.